Brass Fed Wedding Weekend

I just got back from an epic trip to New Orleans with my family which included a stay at the new Ace Hotel (a giant party by the way), a birthday, beignets, a bachelorette party, a burlesque show, a trip down bourbon, a ton of walking, lots of delicious cocktails and seafood (oysters for days), pool time, several photo booth stops, jazz on Frenchman, my sister's beautiful wedding, a brass band, a parade, and Beyonce (stay tuned for that story at the end).

This was my second trip to New Orleans, since visiting Pat back in February 2014 when he was there working for about a month. In preparation for that trip I had made a massive list of places to eat and things to see, and we covered a ton of ground over our four days together. This time we had a lot of pre-planned wedding activities, so we just went with the flow and made sure to revisit some of our favorite spots (Luke, Cochon, Butcher, Kingfish, etc.).

Here are some highlights.

Oh, and as for Beyonce... 
My sister rented out two suites on the top floor of the Ace for her wedding day, and as us girls came and went in various states of disheveled to made up throughout the day, we couldn't help but notice security guards stationed at the suite next door. Eventually we got one of the guards to give us a little insight, and as it turns out, the suite was occupied by Jay-Z, Beyonce, her mom, and their daughter. But here's the best part... When it came time for them to leave the hotel security would block off the elevator area so that no one would bother them, but my step mom happened to get caught in the holding room for about ten minutes during this process. Her account of the story went something like "I was trapped in the room joking around with a tall body guard, and then a woman with big blonde hair and a little girl came out and I told her she had a pretty bow, and then they went down the elevator." When my brother showed her a picture of Jay-Z she realized who her "bodyguard" actually was, and obviously the woman and little girl, well you know. Pretty great right?! We of course sent some doughnuts and a wedding invitation their way, but no such luck.