Oh, hi there. Feeling 30. Feeling 30?

Hi there. Where to begin...

First an introduction, from my About Me page: I started blogging back in 2010 as a way to keep me inspired, energized, and to encourage me to create something new on a daily basis. Now after more than five years, i'm simplifying things and using this newly designed space as an area to chronicle travel and major life events (with a few home/wedding projects thrown in) instead of every day musings. Welcome to the new JENNBLECH.

[[ pictures from me & pat's birthday bbq last weekend ]]

Now to get right in to it. 
Today is my 30th (ah!) birthday, and i've got a lot of reflecting to do.

Back in 2011 I celebrated my 25th birthday feeling very weary of the fact that I was already half way through my 20's and quickly approaching the next decade of my life. At the time, I decided to write out a list of goals for myself to see what I could accomplish over the next five years and i've been working on them ever since. As time went on some of my original goals shifted in to new ones, some were scrapped, and some i'm happy to say were accomplished.

As I laid in bed last night I thought about all the expectations my younger self had for this milestone event, and was initially a little sentimental and sad (as I often am) that it was already here with so much more to be completed, or so I thought. Had I let myself down? My conclusion was no. Not only am I different person than I was even then with different goals and insights, but I have accomplished so much, and worked toward so many of the things I had in mind that I think younger me would be proud of what i've done so far. Yes, I originally titled this piece 30 Before 30, but why should that stop me from making 30 an amazing year of continued accomplishments for myself?

Just now I went back through and finished updating my original 30 Before 30 post and am actually pretty damn stoked about what I was able to get done. Not only can I cross almost every thing off the list as completed, but many of those that fall short are already on my books for my 30th year! In fact, the only item I don't know that i'll ever really get through is number 24, and that is totally ok with me. Like I said, I was a little upset last night that I hadn't done more, but now really looking at it i'm ecstatic about how much I have done.

> > >  V I E W   T H E   L I S T   H E R E  < < <

Now back to the blog - One of the biggest things that has been weighing on me was getting my blog up and running again, and here we are. My posts may be few and far between, but it feels good to be back in business with a new format and a new look. Stay tuned for lots of wedding and honeymoon pics to start filling in the empty space.

And with that, i'm off to truly enjoy the first day of being in my 30's... ttfn.